How to approach your employer for an Executive MBA sponsorship.

Executive MBA sponsorship

If you have worked your way up to middle management, the next step to advancing your career could be through an Executive MBA sponsorship. Executive MBAs are a great way to boost your skills and help you climb the career ladder, with 45% of graduates receiving a pay rise.

For many, however, the cost of self-funding through an eMBA is prohibitive. But there is a solution – for those in work and seeking to undertake an eMBA your employer may sponsor you through the qualification, covering the costs (usually with a caveat that you remain employed by the organisation for a fixed period of time after graduation). 

Seeking sponsorship from your employer can be a daunting task. However, organisations everywhere are learning how valuable it is to support their employees through education and professional development, with their business reaping the rewards.

In this blog, we can help you approach the topic with your employer and get you on track to gaining that important qualification.

Benefits to the business

Focus on the return on investment, your employer will want to know how this can benefit the business. Bring to your employer’s attention that this is an investment into their company and its growth. Learna’s online Executive MBAs focus on real-life business scenarios and offer immersive, discussion-led learning. This means you will be networking and gaining insight into business models globally. Further to this, our online eMBAs can be completed in just 18 months. Meaning in less than 2 years your company will be benefiting from this advanced knowledge and inputting this into their strategy. 

Organisations are looking for ways to gain insight into recovering from the pandemic, and investing in a university-accredited online Executive MBA can be a great way to do this.

Justifying the cost

Traditionally, investment into sponsoring an employee to undertake an Executive MBA can be extremely costly. In some cases, this means fees up to £50,000. With Learna, however, we offer some of the most competitive pricing on the market. Our University validated and ILM accredited eMBA programmes cost just £7,500, with interest-free payment plans available.

By agreeing to an Executive MBA sponsorship, your employer may even save on their budget. It is worth highlighting that investment into employee learning and development offers organisations a more cost-effective option than seeking new talent externally.  It can also improve staff retention, by creating loyal employees willing to continue working for a company that allows for investment into their potential. 

Managing your time

The time and dedication it can take to gain an Executive MBA can seem impossible when juggling work and family commitments – a traditional campus-based MBA can mean giving up work altogether to obtain your qualification. 

With an online Executive MBA from Learna, you won’t have to justify time away from the office. 100% online learning means it can fit around your schedule, instead of the other way around. We do not offer lectures or tutorial-based learning. Students on our programme research, collaborate, discuss and innovate. These skills can be directly transferred back to the workplace.

To find out more about our Executive MBA programmes, book a call for you and your employer with our admissions specialists. 

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