Diploma MSc Graduates Destined for Success

Two Diploma MSc graduates have taken their knowledge to the next level by opening a weight loss clinic after meeting on our online Obesity & Weight Management Course. Located on London’s prestigious Harley Street, the business is aptly named The London Weight Loss Clinic

Thrilled by the news, we spoke to the industrious pair about their new venture and how meeting on the course has changed their lives.

Dr. Gabriel Olaiya, Medical Director, tells us:

“Making the decision to take the course in the first place was an easy one for me. As a keen sportsman, I had always been interested in personal health and fitness. During my work as a GP in the NHS, I often found that I didn’t have enough time to dedicate to patients to discuss weight loss and lifestyle. I also found that there were some gaps in my knowledge of the available treatments for the condition. I was delighted to find a course that really catered to my interests. I also felt it would be a good way to network and possibly find someone else who had similar ideas to me.”

Marie Spreckley, Nutrition and Health Director, agreed:

“The course taught me an incredible amount and was definitely what I had hoped for. It was great to be able to draw on the latest research as science, particularly around weight loss, is evolving so rapidly. I feel like I am very much up to date with the latest research and findings. I also particularly enjoyed getting to know two of my tutors, Dr. Sue Kenneally and Dr. Simon Williams, since they were always there to support me and provided me with career advice when I needed it. They continuously challenged me to investigate and evaluate research critically, which really brought out the best in me.”

She went on to tell us some of the initial concerns she had about studying online:

“I was definitely a bit worried that I might miss out on the social side of physically attending a university, but fortunately, I found that Gabriel and I clicked extremely well, which led us to become both business partners as well as great friends outside of the course. The general atmosphere in the forums is very warm and friendly and I feel that I can contact all of my co-students should I ever have any questions or want to meet up for coffee.

I was also curious to see how time consuming the course would be, given I am a working mum of two, but found that the unique format really provided a lot of flexibility around my other commitments. So while it was time consuming it didn’t hugely impede on my life and I was able to really enjoy it”

When making the decision to join the course, there were three very specific aims that Dr. Olaiya had in mind:

“Firstly, I wanted to increase my knowledge on weight loss and obesity management. I was also keen to network and potentially find a colleague to brainstorm ideas with, whilst adding to my qualifications.”

The Diploma MSc learning platform (Moodle), proved the perfect place for a meeting of minds, giving the pair the ability to explore their knowledge and discuss future business plans which have materialised into this budding new venture.”

When we asked what advice would be useful to potential new students thinking about joining one of our courses, Dr. Olaiya responded:

“My advice to future students would be to think about what they want to achieve and what their aims are. My [Obesity and Weight Management] course covered a wide range of topics so really helped to update and fill in any gaps in personal knowledge. Students can be assured they will come out of the course well informed.”

Marie agreed:

“Yes, I would definitely also say that, if you are truly passionate about helping your patients lose weight sustainably, this is the course for you. You will learn how to provide the most beneficial advice based on the latest science and research and will become a significantly better practitioner. I’d highly recommend this course to anyone looking to gain a deep understanding of how to achieve sustainable weight loss.”

The pair are already making waves in the community, having featured in The Guardian, Teen Vogue, and Money Guru, naming just a few. Offering full health checks, nutritional analysis, blood tests, weight loss coaching, and tailored diet plans all at affordable prices, they’re already proving themselves worthy of Harley Street prestige and there’s an overwhelming sense that this is just the beginning for them.

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