Meet Course Director for Leadership In Healthcare courses – Dr Clare Lipetz

Name: Dr Clare Lipetz

Current role: Clinical Director and Consultant at Aneurin Bevan University Health Board

Career highlight: Leading a successful team to develop a flagship service awarded ‘Best in Class’ in Wales

Q What’s the course about?

First of all, it’s not about learning from a manual that will make you an effective leader. One size does not fit all when it comes to leadership. The Postgraduate Diploma in Leadership in Healthcare aims to explore the academic study of leadership which will allow you to develop a leadership formula that works for you. It should help you identify how you operate within a team,  how you also facilitate others within a team, how you can implement change and lead innovation.

Q Why is leadership important in healthcare settings?

Healthcare leaders need to understand how to create a vision and drive it forward, while working in complex systems with many key teams and people involved. There is increasing demand on healthcare systems and constant change is inevitable in our organisations; leadership plays a key role in managing change.

Q What is pivotal to effective leadership?

People. What motivates them. How aware they are of the benefits of change. Influencing their thoughts and attitudes to change. Leaders hugely influence a culture to allow innovation. This course will help you question how you work now and how you want to develop as a leader.

Q What practical experience do you have of leadership?

My leadership skills were invaluable when I stepped into the role of Clinical Director to developing a flagship and ‘Best in Class’ Sexual and Reproductive Health service in Wales. I had to lead teams, develop individuals to expand their roles, and inspire people to embrace change. By ensuring the people involved were on board, although challenging to deliver, we can hit targets and stay within budget. Of course, the only constant is change, so you have never ‘arrived’ and improving and adapting is key to the culture you create.

Q Have you any experience outside the UK?

I have trained, worked in and visited healthcare systems in Liberia, South Africa, Tanzania, France and Portugal so I am aware of both the commonalities and differences in healthcare systems and organisational cultures. This is embraced on the course as all students are encouraged to share their experiences and ideas. Plus, each module will be taught by different tutors, so students will encounter a whole range of experts they can learn from.

Q Who is the course suitable for?

Anyone aspiring to be in a leadership role or someone already in a management role looking to acquire or improve their leadership skills. You’re probably already a leader and would like to find your winning leadership strategy.

Q Why should healthcare professionals study the Postgraduate Diploma in Leadership in Healthcare?

The course aids a process of self-development. It’s about developing YOU – by encouraging critical analysis of leadership and organisational change literature, the course is intended to develop your insight and skills to realise your potential. This course will help develop you as a future leader, enabling you to positively influence your organisation and its culture, which ultimately improves patient care.

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