Why the need for Dermatology Course

In recent years we have seen a significant rise in visits to GPs from people suffering from skin problems like atopic eczema, venous leg ulcers and skin cancer. Different studies show somewhere between 25%1 and 50%2 of the UK population visited their general practitioner with a skin complaint between 2005 and 2006, and the situation seems to be unchanged for 20163.

Our Dermatology PGDip and MSc courses have been born out of a necessity to train and empower GPs to properly care for and support people with skin complaints. Dermatology has tended to be low in priority in the training of undergraduates, leaving them later as GPs with a significant knowledge gap and unable to care for and support people with skin problems referring them up the chain to specialists. However, GPs are still expected to help people manage their skin problems even when under a specialist dermatologist.

Our Diploma and Masters courses in Dermatology have been developed for GPs, Practice Nurses, Specialist Nurses, Pharmacists exposed to patients with dermatological conditions, and those who wish to develop their skills in this area of work.

Our courses in dermatology:

  • – are designed to facilitate a better understanding of skin disorders which are common in the community.
  • – enable you to upskill in the diagnostic and management of dermatological disorders.
  • – are designed to improve your knowledge which is an essential complement to clinical practice.

On completion of our course, students will be able to develop the following knowledge, understanding and skills to the appropriate level:

  • – A systematic understanding of the care of patients with dermatological conditions.
  • – A critical awareness of current issues affecting the care of patients undertaking dermatological treatments.
  • – An advanced knowledge of dermatological conditions that will facilitate decision-making in unpredictable and/or complex situations.
  • – An ability to use knowledge to adapt professional practice to meet the changing demands of health care systems.

If you are interested in applying for a Postgraduate Diploma or MSc in Dermatology or would like more information please visit our course page, or call our team on +44 (0) 29 2068 2050.

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