Praise from our recent PGDip Graduate of Endocrinology.

Read about Dr Atanu Basu, an Associate Specialist in Acute Medicine.  Dr Atanu Basu is a recent graduate of our PGDip Endocrinology course who has been kind enough to put his feelings into words.

Our Endocrinology courses are aimed at health professionals from a variety of backgrounds; General Practitioners, Practice Nurses/ Specialist Nurses, Pharmacists, and Dieticians.  Read what Dr Atanu Basu has to say about his background and why he chose our award-winning course.

“Although my day to day work was in Acute Medicine, I always had an interest in Endocrinology, specially the rare non-diabetic acute endocrinological presentations. The desire to know more was also fuelled by my discussions with Endocrinology consultant colleagues. So when I came across this course while searching on the net, I grabbed it. This course suited me perfectly as it was totally online and did not require going to USW. Fees were also very competitive compared with other Masters courses.”


Dr Atanu Basu 

Our Postgraduate Diploma courses are delivered over 1 year and consist of 6 modules, each of 6 weeks duration.… perfect for the busy health professional managing a heavy workload.

“I felt attending the introductory lecture day was very helpful. As the course progressed, I realised Endocrinology is quite a complicated subject, especially when taught on-line. The course, covering the subject quite extensively, exposed me to a variety of endocrinological conditions, I was not even aware of. This made reading very interesting. However learning of a particular subject is quite tutor-dependant. There is extensive daily online discussions with tutor and colleagues which enhances your learning. To tell you the truth I miss those daily online discussions.”

The course is designed to be practical and clinically focused, and aims to create professionals who can independently access information and use the information to improve understanding of endocrine care.

“The course also trains you on online medical searching and referencing. It gives you a chance to be a leader, a thinker, an appraiser, a spokesperson, and certainly tests your writing skills (papers and portfolio), IT skills and time management. It also made me express myself individually and in discussions. In conclusion, the course teaches a lot more than endocrinology, certainly so in my case. Last but not the least, I met students, admin staff (very helpful) and some great tutors (endocrinologists are nice people).”

Our courses no doubt help prepare students to take a leadership role in the global context of endocrinology.  Our hope is that all students will implement the practical skills they been taught.

“Since finishing the diploma and taking a year off, I have started doing Endocrinology clinics with my ever helpful Endocrinology Consultant colleagues. However waiting to get back to completing the Masters.”

We later caught up with Dr Atanu Basu at our graduation ceremony, where he expanded on the benefits of the courses:

We’d like to wish Dr Atanu Basu all the very best for the future, and hopefully we will see him return for his Masters in Endocrinology.  If you are interested in participating in the PGDip in Endocrinology or any of our other courses, please visit our website for more information.

If you would like to follow in the footsteps of Dr Atanu Basu and complete an online PGDip or MSc qualification, visit our website to view our current course catalogue.

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