Overcoming my apprehensions of academic writing

Having completed my Postgraduate diploma in dietetics I started working with an endocrinologist not knowing that the field of “diabetes education” existed. As I started to work in this field, over a period of time I felt the need of formal education that would enhance my practical experience at work.

After reviewing a number of courses I decided to pursue the PG diploma course with Diploma MSc, as it offered a structured well-planned curriculum and an opportunity to experience global interaction. Most importantly it offered flexibility to pursue a masters degree which I hope will help me plan my Ph.D program.

Initially, I found the course work to be very difficult, as my earlier education did not involve evidence-based writing or referencing. But as time passed and with a lot of motivation and assistance from the tutors, I was able to grasp the system and was delighted when I was approached by one of my colleagues to co-write a paper.

Having had the thought, we turned to our course director for further guidance. Not only were we encouraged, but helped in every way from establishing contact with the publishing journal to critically reviewing the proposed paper. We were mentored and guided through the whole process.

When I enrolled into the course I had no idea about the opportunities it would provide me with. Having my first paper published through this course helped me overcome my apprehensions of academic writing and made me more confident to pursue it further.


Rutu currently works as a Diabetes educator in a PVT clinic with an endocrinologist and in a hospital.  

Since this article was published, Rutu progressed to the MSc, graduating in March 2017. She now tutors for Diploma MSc on the Diabetes Team.