Things 2014 Has Taught Us

2014 has flown by and with 2015 fast approaching now’s the time to reflect on 2014 and the things it has taught us. Members of the Diploma MSc team share with you the things 2014 has taught them:


Endocrinology Course Director Atul Kalhan tells us what 2014 has taught him:

“Year 2014 has taught me the old world charm of reading and discovering new nuggets of knowledge in the same text book one has read umpteenth time before; the process of online interactive teaching to students across continents has helped broaden my sphere of thinking and look at diseases/ailments on a global perspective. The world of endocrinology is ever expanding with newer discoveries at molecular and genetic level providing help improve clinical outcomes.”



Katie Lowe our course lead for Diploma MSc tells us what 2014 has taught her:

“2014 has taught me that the harder you work, the more you will achieve. I have learnt this personally and overseeing our students on the course. Investment in yourself makes life more satisfying.”



Myself on a personal and professional level I’ve learnt the importance of education and how it can shape your life. It’s really easy to put training courses off until next month or even next year, but the only person your cheating is yourself. Career progression can help you open the door to greater things. This could be through financial incentives like a salary increase or position that provides the ultimate job satisfaction. 2014 has taught me that we as individuals shape our own destinies and education plays a key role in this.


What has 2014 taught you?