Our director Dr Steve Davies stresses the importance of the use of social media for healthcare professionals

At Diploma MSc, we offer experience of the use of social media alongside our courses. Indeed, we believe that understanding today’s means of communication is essential to communicate with both your patients and peers.

We would like to share with you what our director Dr Steve Davies sent to some students at the start of module 6, when they were initially anxious about the new social media activity.

This is truly motivating and we hope it will inspire you as well!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The course is breaking new ground. Deliberately we introduced this activity (social media) in the last module as you would have by now become familiar with literature reviews and patient posters, info sheets etc. But, we want to extend you. I appreciate everyone’s concern on the individual and group activity. This is GREAT. I’m glad it has created such a stir!

I have been witness to the development of individuals on this course which has been fantastic. We are about creating leaders and opinion leaders through this course and the online nature lends to a radicalness that you will not see anywhere else. How are people communicating these days? Facebook now has more daily usage than Google! In the future, Web2 technology and social media is evolving to be a tool through which we communicate with our colleagues and patients.

Now that you have evolved your investigative and research skills through the last 5 modules it is now your opportunity to shine on the world stage! This is the only course in medicine that has done anything like this.

I think you are doing a fantastic job, don’t underestimate yourselves. You should be influencing and shaping delivery of service both locally and more widely. This type of technology is to be embraced by leaders like yourselves rather than feared.

Go to it!

Steve Davies

Please see the attached poster which was accepted at Diabetes UK 2013 The use of social media amongst Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) within and on-line postgraduate (PG) diabetes diploma course.