Diploma MSc Graduates Destined for Success

Two Diploma MSc graduates have taken their knowledge to the next level by opening a weight loss clinic after meeting on our online Obesity & Weight Management Course. Located on London’s prestigious Harley Street, the business is aptly named The London Weight Loss Clinic

Thrilled by the news, we spoke to the industrious pair about their new venture and how meeting on the course has changed their lives.

Dr. Gabriel Olaiya, Medical Director, tells us:

“Making the decision to take the course in the first place was an easy one for me. As a keen sportsman, I had always been interested in personal health and fitness. During my work as a GP in the NHS, I often found that I didn’t have enough time to dedicate to patients to discuss weight loss and lifestyle. I also found that there were some gaps in my knowledge of the available treatments for the condition. I was delighted to find a course that really catered to my interests. I also felt it would be a good way to network and possibly find someone else who had similar ideas to me.”

Marie Spreckley, Nutrition and Health Director, agreed:

“The course taught me an incredible amount and was definitely what I had hoped for. It was great to be able to draw on the latest research as science, particularly around weight loss, is evolving so rapidly. I feel like I am very much up to date with the latest research and findings. I also particularly enjoyed getting to know two of my tutors, Dr. Sue Kenneally and Dr. Simon Williams, since they were always there to support me and provided me with career advice when I needed it. They continuously challenged me to investigate and evaluate research critically, which really brought out the best in me.”

She went on to tell us some of the initial concerns she had about studying online:

“I was definitely a bit worried that I might miss out on the social side of physically attending a university, but fortunately, I found that Gabriel and I clicked extremely well, which led us to become both business partners as well as great friends outside of the course. The general atmosphere in the forums is very warm and friendly and I feel that I can contact all of my co-students should I ever have any questions or want to meet up for coffee.

I was also curious to see how time consuming the course would be, given I am a working mum of two, but found that the unique format really provided a lot of flexibility around my other commitments. So while it was time consuming it didn’t hugely impede on my life and I was able to really enjoy it”

When making the decision to join the course, there were three very specific aims that Dr. Olaiya had in mind:

“Firstly, I wanted to increase my knowledge on weight loss and obesity management. I was also keen to network and potentially find a colleague to brainstorm ideas with, whilst adding to my qualifications.”

The Diploma MSc learning platform (Moodle), proved the perfect place for a meeting of minds, giving the pair the ability to explore their knowledge and discuss future business plans which have materialised into this budding new venture.”

When we asked what advice would be useful to potential new students thinking about joining one of our courses, Dr. Olaiya responded:

“My advice to future students would be to think about what they want to achieve and what their aims are. My [Obesity and Weight Management] course covered a wide range of topics so really helped to update and fill in any gaps in personal knowledge. Students can be assured they will come out of the course well informed.”

Marie agreed:

“Yes, I would definitely also say that, if you are truly passionate about helping your patients lose weight sustainably, this is the course for you. You will learn how to provide the most beneficial advice based on the latest science and research and will become a significantly better practitioner. I’d highly recommend this course to anyone looking to gain a deep understanding of how to achieve sustainable weight loss.”

The pair are already making waves in the community, having featured in The Guardian, Teen Vogue, and Money Guru, naming just a few. Offering full health checks, nutritional analysis, blood tests, weight loss coaching, and tailored diet plans all at affordable prices, they’re already proving themselves worthy of Harley Street prestige and there’s an overwhelming sense that this is just the beginning for them.

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How to publish an academic paper

Written by Dr Ana Cristina Diniz Silva, Tutor on the Postgraduate Diploma in Cosmetic Medicine and the Postgraduate Diploma in Dermatology

As a healthcare professional research is an integral part of our work and publishing papers is acknowledgement of our endeavours, but also another way we can help other HCPs to help their patients.

Studying with Diploma MSc can provide the perfect platform to publish an academic paper. Here are tips on how to get a paper published:

1. First, remind yourself why writing an original article is important. Publishing an academic paper may be necessary to graduate or advance a career, but mainly to make others learn about your work, aiding in science development.

2. Identify a ‘hot topic’ for research. You’d rather put your mind to controversial subjects, instead of well established consensual topics.

3. Perform a systematic review of the literature, establishing objective criteria for the inclusion or exclusion of studies. Writing a good article is not about citing studies and describing their results, but critically appraising their strengths and limitations.

4. Choose a suitable journal and an article type. Detailed instructions for authors and a full description of the types of articles can be easily accessed on journals’ web pages.

5. Having chosen an attractive subjective and a suitable journal, follow the guidelines with regard to language, content, reference style, artwork and submission procedures. Lack of context is a common reason for having an article rejected. The abstract should not be repeated in the cover letter. Both must show clarity about the aims of the article and the relevance of your research to the scientific community worldwide.

Diploma MSc courses are an ideal way to start the process of publishing a paper.

Meet Course Director for Leadership In Healthcare courses – Dr Clare Lipetz

Name: Dr Clare Lipetz

Current role: Clinical Director and Consultant at Aneurin Bevan University Health Board

Career highlight: Leading a successful team to develop a flagship service awarded ‘Best in Class’ in Wales

Q What’s the course about?

First of all, it’s not about learning from a manual that will make you an effective leader. One size does not fit all when it comes to leadership. The Postgraduate Diploma in Leadership in Healthcare aims to explore the academic study of leadership which will allow you to develop a leadership formula that works for you. It should help you identify how you operate within a team,  how you also facilitate others within a team, how you can implement change and lead innovation.

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Course Director Awarded Cosmetic Surgeon of The Year

Congratulations to Taimur Shoaib who won Cosmetic Surgeon of The Year 2018 at the recent ‘Safety in Beauty’ Diamond Awards – and is also Course Director for Diploma MSc’s new Postgraduate Diploma in Cosmetic Medicine which launches this September.

‘Tough Competition’

Mr Shoaib beat off competition from 11 other top UK cosmetic surgeons who were shortlisted following nominations from customers, patients and colleagues – with the emphasis on consumers.

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Endocrinology graduate recommends online MSc course

Male graduate in cap and gown smiling.

Dr Mohamed Aly Elsherif, MSc in Endocrinology (Dubai)

Dr Elsherif is a practising endocrinologist  in Dubai and wanted to formalise his knowledge by becoming certified in his specialty. At his Graduation Ceremony he explained why he chose Diploma MSc’s MSc in Endocrinology: “I was recommended the course by a friend who had completed it and when I researched online the course looked very valuable. The fact I could complete the MSc in Endocrinology in 1 year made the course even more attractive.”

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‘Fantastic – I really enjoyed it’ – Manjit Dol, Obesity and Weight Management Graduate

Manjit Dol, Postgraduate Diploma in Obesity and Weight Management (UK)

Having successfully complete the Diploma MSc Postgraduate Diploma in Obesity and Weight Management, a smile was permanent fixture on Manjit Dol’s face at Graduation. About his experience on the course he said: “It was fantastic. I really enjoyed it. The online Student Support Team were absolutely brilliant. And once you get used to Moodle it’s invaluable.”

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Hear from MSc Diabetes Graduate Dr Abdelhameed Abdalla

Dr Abdelhameed Abdalla, MSc in Diabetes (UAE)

When Abdel made the decision to study Diabetes at Masters Level, all he needed to decide was which training provider to choose. Having come across the Diploma MSc website, he knew he’d found one he was looking for: “I liked the fact the this is an approved course, and that previous graduates had found completing the MSc in Diabetes helpful in progressing their career – which is exactly what I wanted to achieve.”

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Dr Rao Enjoys Graduation

Male graduand smiling to the camera holing his certificate

Having enjoyed his Postgraduate Diploma in Diabetes so much, Dr Kabad Rao wasn’t going to miss out on his moment of glory – Graduation. Having travelled from India to attend the celebration at the University of South Wales, Dr Rao was thrilled to meet the Diploma MSc Support Team who have been helping him throughout the last 12 months to complete his course.

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Graduation Celebrations

It was celebrations all round on Thursday 12 July when the latest cohort of Diploma MSc students graduated. 145 Diploma MSc students from 14 courses graduated, having successfully completed their Postgraduate Diplomas and Masters programmes earlier this year.

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Tutor is Endocrine Nurse of the Year 2018

Sister Janet Lewis, a tutor on the Diploma MSc programmes, has been awarded Endocrine Nurse of the Year 2018 by the Society for Endocrinology.

Janet has been instrumental in developing services for neuroendocrine tumour patients in Wales as well as advancing the endocrine investigation unit at the University Hospital of Wales. She received the award at the recent SfE meeting in Birmingham. Her acceptance lecture discussed how she had helped to give voice to patients’ care needs and the tireless work in helping to establish new services.

Janet is also a keen educationalist, contributing to the teaching programmes with the Endocrinology Diploma MSc course and Mastercourses. We, at Diploma MSc, would like to congratulate Janet on her richly deserved achievement and also appreciate her ongoing contribution to education.