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  1. Dr Rao Enjoys Graduation


    Male graduand smiling to the camera holing his certificate

    Having enjoyed his Postgraduate Diploma in Diabetes so much, Dr Kabad Rao wasn’t going to miss out on his moment of glory – Graduation. Having travelled from India to attend the celebration at the University of South Wales, Dr Rao was thrilled to meet the Diploma MSc Support Team who have been helping him throughout the last 12 months to complete his course.

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  2. Graduation Celebrations


    It was celebrations all round on Thursday 12 July when the latest cohort of Diploma MSc students graduated. 145 Diploma MSc students from 14 courses graduated, having successfully completed their Postgraduate Diplomas and Masters programmes earlier this year.

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  3. Tutor is Endocrine Nurse of the Year 2018


    Sister Janet Lewis, a tutor on the Diploma MSc programmes, has been awarded Endocrine Nurse of the Year 2018 by the Society for Endocrinology.

    Janet has been instrumental in developing services for neuroendocrine tumour patients in Wales as well as advancing the endocrine investigation unit at the University Hospital of Wales. She received the award at the recent SfE meeting in Birmingham. Her acceptance lecture discussed how she had helped to give voice to patients’ care needs and the tireless work in helping to establish new services.

    Janet is also a keen educationalist, contributing to the teaching programmes with the Endocrinology Diploma MSc course and Mastercourses. We, at Diploma MSc, would like to congratulate Janet on her richly deserved achievement and also appreciate her ongoing contribution to education.

  4. Diabetes alumnus wows 1500 GPs with medical insight…in a kilt!


    Diploma MSc alumnus Dr Kevin Fernando recently took to the stage to share his expert insights into recent guidelines on the treatment of diabetes with 1500 Portuguese GPs at the Update em Medicina symposium in the Algarve in April.

    The North Berwick-based GP Partner regularly delivers large-scale medical education to primary care health teams in the UK and internationally. But not all audiences are treated to some of Dr Fernando’s Scottish heritage; as he introduced himself to the delegation, they were also introduced to the traditional Scottish kilt!

    Speaking of his latest experience in the Mediterranean Dr Fernando said: “I was asked to present an update on the use and safety profile of SGLT2 inhibitors, with a focus on the recently published SIGN 154 diabetes guidelines, and the cardioprotective properties of this class of drug.

    “It’s a very specialised and current subject so I think some of the delegates were surprised to see a British doctor, with a Portuguese surname, who was unable to speak a word of Portuguese…in a kilt! But as a Scottish representative, I thought it appropriate and it actually went down very well.”

    Diabetes doctor on a stage in a kilt

    Dr Kevin Fernando brings a touch of Scotland to the Algarve

    Dr Fernando completed the Postgraduate Diploma in Diabetes in 2012 and graduated from the MSc in Diabetes in 2014 – both with Diploma MSc.

    The symposium was part of national 4-day general medicine update for over 2500 Portuguese GPs held at the Salgados Place Congress Centre in the Algarve.

    Leave a comment if you’d like to find out more about our diabetes courses.

  5. Online Education Never Stops


    There are many advantages to online education, and one that we here at Diploma MSc are proud of is our students ability to study at their leisure come rain, shine…even snow!

    The UK has been subject to sub zero temperatures, heavy snow falls and red alert warnings issued by the Met Office due to Storm Emma. This has resulted in a number of closures to roads, businesses and more importantly to Universities.

    A number of Universities throughout the UK have been forced to close due to the severe weather conditions which have resulted in study disruptions and lecture cancellations. Diploma MSc’s Postgraduate Courses are taught completely online, and because of this we are not effected, meaning no disruptions in teaching or in delivering our award winning courses. Our student support team are also available, enabling our students to access information and continue with their chosen courses as normal.

    To find out more about our courses, or to discover how Diploma MSc’s online platform can further benefit you in your future studies, please head to our Diploma MSc Site, email us via or call us on +44 2920 682050, Monday to Friday (09:00 – 17:00).