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From Staff Nurse to Diabetes Specialist Nurse


Postgraduate Diploma in Diabetes graduate, Sam Matthews, reveals how our course had a significant impact on his medical career.

I started the Postgraduate Diploma in Diabetes as a Staff Nurse and finished it as a Diabetes Specialist Nurse. This is a stark illustration of its contribution to my personal and professional development. One of the best aspects of the course is its practical and clinical focus. This necessitated reading NICE guidelines until they were etched into the memory! This has been extremely helpful in my everyday work. The diploma has laid the foundations to run diabetes clinics autonomously. My fellow course colleagues hailed from different clinical and cultural backgrounds. This provided valuable insight into how diabetes is managed in other places.


The diploma afforded opportunities to lead a group, appraise research, think critically and develop writing and IT skills. The distance learning aspect was appealing as I could complete the necessary assignments in my own time without affecting my full time job performance. The course certainly met my expectations in what it was able to deliver.  Above all it has expanded my horizons, introduced me to some very talented and knowledgeable colleagues working in different healthcare professions and improved my knowledge and skills in diabetes management. I believe that my patients are benefiting greatly. In the future, I look forward to completing an MSc in Diabetes with nurse prescribing to further enhance my contribution towards the care of people with diabetes.