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Dr Hameed reveals how our course has had a positive impact on his career


Dr Hammed explains the positive impact our PGDip in Endocrinology has had on his career.

One of my largest regrets in life is that I never completed my postgraduate degree after leaving medical college. It has been a great difficulty for me in many ways, but I vowed to one day complete it. Despite being very busy both at work full-time and at home with my family, the only way that I could truly finish my degree was to pursue online learning. I had been working for the previous four years as a Medical Resident in the Diabetes and Endocrinology centre and I thought to myself if I could do the right thing and secure a postgraduate degree, then my career would definitely improve. University of South Wales was an excellent choice as a destination for my postgraduate degree, because they delivered good value in short time for less money and was internationally renowned for their research efforts.

After just the first two modules of the Endocrinology Postgraduate Diploma in the University of South Wales, I saw the positive impact of online learning could have on my confidence and knowledge. There were quite a few late nights of hard work, especially with paced courses. However, since online learning programs are adaptable, I could manage through work and life commitments. Online learning allows me to complete my degree while working full-time in my profession. In January 2016, I decided to take my MSc programme six months after my Postgraduate Diploma. The time off gave me the opportunity for a break from studying that I needed to tackle my MSc fully recharged and with lots of motivation.  I actually found University of South Wales was a great place to deliver online education which now allows me to apply the skills and knowledge into clinical practice related to my current profession as an Endocrinologist. I often find myself reading an article or completing a module assignment that directly relates to my clinical practice, so I can apply my skills to the workplace. After two years of studying, and gaining my degree, I think it’s probably one of the greatest personal achievements I’ve had to date. Now I am able to take a little time to spend with my wife and treasured kids, who will be happy to see my laptop turning off, at least for some time.