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  1. How to publish an academic paper

    Written by Dr Ana Cristina Diniz Silva, Tutor on the Postgraduate Diploma in Cosmetic Medicine and the Postgraduate Diploma in Dermatology

    As a healthcare professional research is an integral part of our work and publishing papers is acknowledgement of our endeavours, but also another way we can help other HCPs to help their patients.

    Studying with Diploma MSc can provide the perfect platform to publish an academic paper. Here are tips on how to get a paper published:

    1. First, remind yourself why writing an original article is important. Publishing an academic paper may be necessary to graduate or advance a career, but mainly to make others learn about your work, aiding in science development.

    2. Identify a ‘hot topic’ for research. You’d rather put your mind to controversial subjects, instead of well established consensual topics.

    3. Perform a systematic review of the literature, establishing objective criteria for the inclusion or exclusion of studies. Writing a good article is not about citing studies and describing their results, but critically appraising their strengths and limitations.

    4. Choose a suitable journal and an article type. Detailed instructions for authors and a full description of the types of articles can be easily accessed on journals’ web pages.

    5. Having chosen an attractive subjective and a suitable journal, follow the guidelines with regard to language, content, reference style, artwork and submission procedures. Lack of context is a common reason for having an article rejected. The abstract should not be repeated in the cover letter. Both must show clarity about the aims of the article and the relevance of your research to the scientific community worldwide.

    Diploma MSc courses are an ideal way to start the process of publishing a paper.

  2. Online Education Never Stops

    There are many advantages to online education, and one that we here at Diploma MSc are proud of is our students ability to study at their leisure come rain, shine…even snow!

    The UK has been subject to sub zero temperatures, heavy snow falls and red alert warnings issued by the Met Office due to Storm Emma. This has resulted in a number of closures to roads, businesses and more importantly to Universities.

    A number of Universities throughout the UK have been forced to close due to the severe weather conditions which have resulted in study disruptions and lecture cancellations. Diploma MSc’s Postgraduate Courses are taught completely online, and because of this we are not effected, meaning no disruptions in teaching or in delivering our award winning courses. Our student support team are also available, enabling our students to access information and continue with their chosen courses as normal.

    To find out more about our courses, or to discover how Diploma MSc’s online platform can further benefit you in your future studies, please head to our Diploma MSc Site, email us via or call us on +44 2920 682050, Monday to Friday (09:00 – 17:00). 

  3. Our partnership with the Welsh Aesthetic & Cosmetic Society (WACS)

    We are proud to announce that as part of Learna, Diploma MSc has become one of the first sponsors of not for profit organisation WACS – The Welsh Aesthetic and Cosmetic Society.

    WACS has been established to provide an educational and best practice forum for practitioner professionals delivering aesthetic and cosmetic services to those operating in Wales. With a variety of educational resources available to members including biannual conferences, WACS has a central role in improving the standards of practice for the industry and its patients.

    Membership to WACS has a number of benefits to develop both your business practice and your medical knowledge, including course fee discounts for our Diploma and MSc in Aesthetic and Cosmetic Medicine.

    For more information regarding membership or sponsors, head to the WACS website by clicking here.

  4. Hileni Samuel nominated for “Women Who Impacted 2017”

    We wish our Postgraduate Diploma in Diabetes student Sister Hileni Samuel huge congratulations on being nominated as one of Namibia’s “Women Who Impacted 2017” hosted by Namibia’s national newspaper, New Era.

    The nomination comes as a result of her tireless efforts to raise awareness of diabetes, dangers of the condition and methods of care. This has been achieved through numerous outreach programmes throughout Namibia where patients can also receive free screening for diabetes, resulting in 2,103 patients being screened between March and November this year.

    Hileni has also hosted a number of training seminars for 370 medical practitioners, where she shares skills and knowledge of the management and treatment of diabetes. Furthermore, these outreach programmes have been carried out at Sister Samuel’s own expense with no financial assistance.

    A registered nurse by profession specialising in wound and diabetes care, Samuel holds over two decades of experience. Hileni’s aim is to provide quality yet affordable healthcare, particularly to those suffering from complications that do not respond to wound care.

    New Era asked the public to nominate women whose work made a positive impact and touched the lives of those within their communities and inspired Namibian society. These women of outstanding achievement are applauded to celebrate Namibia’s official Women’s day (and Human Rights Day), celebrated annually on 10 December.

    It always delights us to hear of student success stories, and on behalf of everyone at Diploma MSc, we wish Sister Hileni Samuel the best of luck with her studies and in achieving her goals in diabetes and wound care.

    Congratulations, Hileni!

  5. New ‘Vitamin D & Cancer’ Blog by Students

    It’s always a pleasure to hear from our students, especially when we get to help them publicise the good work they are doing. Our most recent request has come from the PGDip in Endocrinology students who are currently working their way through Module 6. As a group, they have produced a blog with several posts relating to Vitamin D & Cancer.

    Please do go check out their blog, it certainly makes for an interesting read. Well done everyone!