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  1. More Published Papers from our Esteemed Tutors and Course Delegates

    We are excited to announce that our list of academic papers published by Course Directors, Course Tutors and Former Students has just grown!

    Congratulations to both Vinay S Eligar, Consultant in Diabetes and Endocrinology, University Hospital of Wales and our Diabetes Diploma Course tutor and director, and Emmeline de Gruchy, University Hospital Wales, and Diabetes Diploma student on your published paper titled ‘Review of the Pharmacological interventions and Bariatric surgery for Diabesity‘.

    We are always proud of students and tutors achievements. Well done both!

  2. From Staff Nurse to Diabetes Specialist Nurse

    Postgraduate Diploma in Diabetes graduate, Sam Matthews, reveals how our course had a significant impact on his medical career.

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  3. An Interview with Dr. Larry Distiller about the successful Diploma-MSc – CDE partnership

    As well as our collaborative partner,  the University of South Wales, Diploma MSc has built up an effective partnership with the Centre for Diabetes and Endocrinology (CDE) in South Africa. Working together since 2010, Diploma MSc and The CDE have helped healthcare professionals successfully complete the Postgraduate Diploma in Diabetes, with many then going on to complete the MSc. Today, I’d  like to share with you an extract from an interview with Dr. Larry Distiller, Principal Physician & Managing Director from The CDE, on how our partnership has helped so many healthcare professionals, and consequently their patients, in South Africa.

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  4. World Diabetes Day 2016

    Today is World Diabetes Day – Are you ready to upskill your knowledge in this field?

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  5. £1,000 Bursary to Celebrate our 1,000th student

    Diploma MSc is thrilled to announce we are offering a £1,000 bursary for students in our September 2016 intake.  For details about how to qualify for the bursary and who is eligible, please click below.

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